Website & Mobile Development

What is the difference between website design and website development?

Website design is the actual design of a website, i.e. what you see on your screen when you open a website. Website development is when web developers take the website design and make the website function in a certain way. You get websites that are easily designed and could function just to give information that is "pre-inserted" at design. Thus once the website is done the information would stay static until physical changes are made again. On the other hand with website development you could "program" the website to do certain things and display certain information depending on the user's input. Thus you will have website with dynamic content.

Client Requirements

We sit with the client and get to know all the requirements, and make sure to meet these requirements at the end of development.

Creative Ideas

We would also share our creative ideas with the client to complement the client's requirements.

Dedicated Support

Once the client is using the product we've produced we are there to give support and help to make use of the application to its full potential.

Development Services

These days businesses are moving their data to a central point where it could be accessed anywhere in the world. A business can't be limited to its location and data needs to be available everywhere one goes.

CyberGalore develops web-based applications using PHP. Thus whether you need ”Online Shopping”, “Listing of Properties”, “Listing of Vehicles” or any other database driven website/application, look no further as CyberGalore will be able to develop it for you.

We sit with you and discuss all your needs and implement it. You will administer your own database with the secure “Administration Side” we develop for you. Contact us today for an appointment!
We are in a world where everything is accessable through our mobile device, whether it be a mobile phone or a tablet.

Having a mobile application for your business can't just help your clients to connect with you, however you could also make use of a mobile application to do your tasks on a daily basis.

An example would be having technicians in the field doing call-outs. To save time and money you could have a mobile application for your technicians to sign off on a call and move on to the next one, in this way the technician doesn't have to return to the office first. Should new calls come in, a notification will be send to the technician. In return at the office you could simply monitor the calls and know where your technicians are. Your client could also use the mobile application to access the progress on his/her support ticket.

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